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This is an initiative under development in partnership with the Queensland State Archives.

I offer a course at the University of Queensland called, HIST2010: Making Digital History. This course introduces students to the most important intellectual, conceptual and technical issues in using computational and information technologies in historical research and communication of its findings in networked digital media.

Most students taking the course are likely to become secondary schools, or work in cultural institutions, where they are likely to be involved in developing education programs. So in the semester they spend with me they undertake a project which requires them to design and develop a learning activity, or other kind of resource, that can be used by Queensland history teachers in teaching the National Curriculum.

From 2013, the focus of their project has to be some aspect of the record of past human experience in Queensland taught within the National Curriculum.

Importantly, they also have to take into consideration the particular historical skills and general capabilities that the curriculum aims to give students at each of the year levels between their foundation and late secondary years.

The projects will make substantial and creative use of documents and images preserved by the Queensland State Archives

They will also be designed to help teachers discover the rich sources of historical knowledge held by the Archives

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