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Week Nine: the First Cities and States

Listen to the podcast of this week's lecture

Transcript of this week's podcast

Copies of slides shown in this week's lecture

Lecture preparation (week beginning 16 September)

This week you are required to read chapter 9 of Maps of Time.

Please also try to watch the following video, which will be available online via the UQ Library website:

Tutorial focus (week beginning 30 September)

This week you will divide up into groups of five or six and discuss the following questions:

  • What forms of social organization did the earliest cities and states have?
  • Why did these forms of social organization develop?

Two people in the group will be required to take notes and report what answers the group has formulated in response to the above questions.

Recommended further reading

There is a wealth of books about the first cities and agrarian states in the period 3000 BCE to 1000 CE. The following works will allow you to explore various subjects referred to in this week's lecture and likely to be discussed tutorial in your tutorial:

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