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HIST2030: Body, Brain and Mind

Welcome to Body, Brain and Mind. This course is designed to introduce you to significant aspects of the cognitive evolution & social influence of the biomedical & social sciences in Europe from the time of the scientific revolution to the end of the nineteenth century. In lectures, tutorials and research for essays you will have the opportunity to explore a range of topics, including the influence of the scientific revolution on theories of physiology & mental functions; the diagnosis & treatment of madness in the eighteenth century, eighteenth and nineteenth century theories of life & reproduction; the emergence of the modern medical profession, phrenology & its social influence; aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology, 1780-1900; public health and disease in industrial Europe, 1830-1900; and scientific explanations of crime and social deviancy 1840-1900.

While not essential, this course assumes students have a reasonable general knowledge of European history from the mid-seventeenth to the late nineteenth century. Students who are unfamiliar with European history in this period should consult their tutor as the beginning of the course. Your tutor will recommend some helpful general scholarly works that will provide you with helpful background knowledge.

Also, please note that tutorials focus on events, ideas and arguments discussed in the previous week's lecture. You thus have a week to reflect on the content of my lecture and the associated required and recommended readings.

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