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Course Structure at a Glance

Week Beginning Lecture Topic Week Beginning Tutorial Focus (note: there are eight tutorials in this course)
23 July Lecture One: Introduction   Note: tutorials begin in the second week of the semester
30 July Lecture Two: the Origins of the Universe 30 July Tutorial One: Science and other Accounts of Our Origins
6 August Lecture Three: the Origins of the Solar System and the Earth 6 August Tutorial Two: Essay Writing
13 August Lecture Four: Charles Darwin and the Evolution of Life on Earth 13 August No tutorial this week
20 August Lecture Five: the Evolution of Life on Earth 20 August Tutorial Three: Charles Darwin's Account of Evolution
27 August Lecture Six: Human Evolution 27 August Tutorial Four: The Emergence and Evolution of Life on Earth
3 September Lecture Seven: the Beginnings of Human History 3 September Tutorial Five: Human Evolutionary History
10 September Lecture Eight: Early Agriculture 10 September Tutorial Six: The Beginnings of Human History
17 September Lecture Nine: the First Cities and States 17 September Tutorial Seven: Early Agriculture
24 September

Mid-semester Break

24 September Mid-semester Break
1 October Lecture Ten: Patterns and Trends in Human History, 3000 BCE - 1000 CE 1 October Tutorial Eight: The First Cities and States
8 October Lecture Eleven: the Origins of Modernity 8 October Tutorial Nine: Patterns and Trends in Human History
15 October Lecture Twelve: Globalization, Commerce and Innovation, 1400 - 1800 CE   Tutorial Ten: The Origins of Modernity
22 October

Lecture Thirteen: the Modern World and its Challenges

  No tutorial this week

Lecture Times:

There is one on-campus lecture in this course. It is delivered on Wednesday between 12.00 to 1.00 pm in the Abel Smith Theatre, Room 1 in Building 23.

The on-campus lecture explores subjects and issues discussed in the audio version of the lecture in greater depth. Students are advised that the on-campus lectures will allow them to gain greater understanding of key aspects of global history explored in this course.


Contact Details:

Your lecturer is Professor Paul Turnbull
His office is E335, Forgan Smith Building
School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics

Phone: +61 7 336 52613


You will be advised of consultation hours by email

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