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Assignments and Examination

Assessment in this course takes the form of:

  • Active participation in the ten tutorials held during the course of the semester (10% of total mark)
  • A minor essay of no more than 800 words due by 5.00 PM on Monday 20 August 2012 (20% of total mark)
  • A major essay (with associated peer appraisal) of no more than 1500 words due on 26 October 2012 (40% of total mark)
  • An examination of 2 hours duration during the end of year examination period (30%)

Tutorial Participation

You will be assessed on the basis of the quality of your participation in set tutorial exercises and contribution to class discussions. Your performance will be appraised by your tutor. Please note that failure to attend more than three tutorial sessions without evidence of illness or misadventure will result in a grade of 0% for participation.

Minor essay

This written assignment of no more than 800 words (excluding notes and bibliography) will require you to provide a clear answer to one the following questions:

  • How probable is it that life exists elsewhere in the universe?
  • It seems plausible to assume that simple organisms evolved into more complex life-forms; but is this what has happened during the course of life on Earth?
  • How has the course of human history been influenced by our living amidst relatively simple organisms? You may confine your answer to the impact of one specific relatively simple organism.

Your essay should aim to provide the most accurate answer or answers you can to your chosen question, or set of related questions.

The body of the report should be like a short essay in that it should provide relevant evidence and arguments in support of the answer to your question. Also, like a short essay all primary and secondary sources you use in support of your argument must be fully referenced. Your report must also have a bibliography of all sources you quote or have consulted.

The report is due by 5.00 PM on 20 August 2010

In submitting your first research report you must use Turnitin.

Please ensure that you submit a hard copy and an electronic copy of your essay. The electronic copy must be submitted through eLearning@UQ on the same day your submit your paper copy to receive a grade for the essay.

Major essay and associated peer appraisal

The aim of this assessment exercise is that you research, write, revise and publish a concise yet and accurate and informative essay of no more than 1500 words (excluding your listing of print-based and electronic sources consulted) on a subject related to an aspect of global history we will investigate in this course.

How you will under this exercise will be explained in detail in the first two weeks of the course. However, in essence you will be required to research and write an essay, a draft of which you will then submit for anonymous peer review by 28 September.

You will also be required to anonymously review and provide critical assessments of no more than 300 words on two draft essays by your fellow students by 12 October.

Note that your reviews will constitute 10% of the final grade of this assignment. If you do not undertake two reviews of other students' essays you could loose 10% of your total mark.

Each team member submit the final version of their essay by 26 October.

You must submit a paper copy of the final essay to the HPRC School Office and an electronic copy via Turnitin

End of semester examination

The questions in the examination will be closely related to the aspects of natural and human history explored in lectures and tutorials.

Illness or misadventure

If you cannot submit an assignment by the due date, you should email the lecturer immediately concerning the possibility of an extension. Students with provisional email approval for an extension should submit an "Application for Extension of Assessment" form at: Please supply any relevant documents (for example a medical certificate) with your application to the School office (E306 Forgan Smith Building). The School policy is that unapproved late essays may be subjected to an automatic penalty of 1% of the final grade for each day that they are late for a maximum of two weeks (at the discretion of the Course Coordinator). Unless special arrangements have been made essays more than two weeks late may not be accepted.

Assessment criteria

The School of History Philosophy Religion & Classics has adopted standard assessment criteria for all undergraduate courses. A standard Criteria and Standards Marking Sheet will be used in marking your essays and research reports. A copy of the Sheet appears in the ECP for this course and can also be found on the School's website. It allows you to see how the Graduate Attributes are embedded in the assessment procedures, and can also help you in your approach to essay writing.

Assessment criteria will be in accordance with the School's expectations for introductory-level courses. Students can expect to PASS (4) if their assessed work demonstrates acquisition of some or all the graduate attributes specified in the course "aims and attributes" (see above). A grade of CREDIT (5) indicates a capability for some analytical skill, including evidence of research initiative or interpretative originality. DISTINCTION (6) is evidence of an understanding of the deeper and more complex aspects of the subject under study and of original evaluation and interpretation. This will also include extensive research and some understanding of the intellectual debate about a particular topic. To gain a grade of HIGH DISTINCTION (7) students must demonstrate considerable originality and sophistication in their approach. High Distinction is evidence of excellence in research, expression, critical analysis and scholarly understanding. A CONCEDED PASS (3) is awarded in cases of work that is close to satisfactory, but fails to reach basic Pass level; in may also be awarded in some cases where work is incomplete. A grade of FAIL (2) is given in cases where work does not satisfy the basic requirements of the course. Work of totally unsatisfactory standard is given a SERIOUS FAIL (1).


7 = 100-85% 6 = 84-75% 5 = 74-65% 4 = 64-50% 3 = 49-45% 2 = 44-25% 1 = 24-0%

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